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Brighton Junior Football Club

At the Brighton Junior Football Club this year we are pushing down the line that we need to focus on making the kids feel important, giving them as much as possible but also asking for discipline, respect, please and thank you. We are trying to focus on life skills as well as football.


2020 hopefully will see the Club grow with the seniors having representation and players wanting to return on a youth level. We will be focusing on parent/guardian roles, what I mean by that is pie nights and BBQs.


Teams will be pushed to watch a senior game every home game they play and we look forward to having the seniors interact with the juniors.


Further this year we will have representation hitting the local schools to promote our family orientated club to encourage kids to come along and meet new friends, making it not just about football. The focus will be on holding mental health sessions. This will encourage kids to speak up and stay chatty so to speak.


Eftpos will be available this year for the canteen and uniforms including registration.

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